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  1. I made some very personally wikia.

    Sincerely we having been made the wikia pages, But i got made the wikia something like special: http://the-james-emirzian-waldementer-gaming-room.wikia.com/wiki/Jarrod_Davis_(game_designer_and_programmer) http://the-james-emirzian-waldementer-gaming-room.wikia.com/wiki/Astro3D
  2. I created my wikia goody stuff.

    Thank you for suggesting, I've now working to my wikia pages with history of Jarrod Davis Software Article I'm glad thankfully you added playlists the gameplay footage of gamer popular hits to my Astro3D gaming videos.
  3. I created my wikia goody stuff.

    It's been about the 2Drealms since the company is closed it down. I am came right here that topics is getting right further stick into do it. First things we have made out on my wikia gaming room stuffed pages is being clearly with revision my writer one them made out like Jarrod Davis Software Co. on wikia. We're decided making my careers of Writer wikia, Spent then is likely the Astro3D was turned 22 year ago were to long time ages is indie DOS game development from classical company was heard about Jarrod Davis Software Company. When having been the AstroCrisis it soon to be ready being public demo yet? But either way. Here is my wikia made the pages of Article are very example this: http://the-james-emirzian-waldementer-gaming-room.wikia.com/wiki/Jarrod_Davis_Software_Co. and i also made out as much possible this: http://the-james-emirzian-waldementer-gaming-room.wikia.com/wiki/Lists_of_Defunct_indie_game_development_companies Soon, i will been working on tricked with Wikia stuff and i will decided making in progress onto my wikia is grown up levels as soon for possible. I'm glad that Drez Games production company came back to my account actives a bit for while is good time!
  4. Welcome to dRez Games. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.